Games in Development

We’ve got loads of exciting games lined up in development. You can check this page for progress on our games.


Awaiting Kickstarter campaign. We’re so close to getting this done! We’re currently waiting for quotes and are trying to get the Kickstarter campaign organised ready to launch in the first quarter of 2013.

“Secret Codename Project Helix”

Beta Testing Phase. The prototype has been doing the rounds and has been played a fair few times now that we’re fairly happy with it. At time of writing, there are still a few things that we want to play with. Once the Faustus Kickstarter is finished, we’ve got our eye on pushing to finish and launch this as our next Kickstarter.

“Secret Codename Project Chestnut”

Pre-Prototype Phase. This is so close to having a prototype built! We just have a final core part of the mechanics to hash out and then it’s just a matter of finding time to build the prototype to get ready to alpha test.

“Secret Codename Project MUP”

Pre-Prototype Phase. This one has taken us a little by surprise. It’s been falling into place so quickly. Again, we only have a bit of the core mechanics to hash out and then we just need to find the time to build the prototype for alpha testing.

“Secret Codename Project 2501”

Design Phase. We’ve got a lot of the basics for this epic game sorted, but we’re still very much in the early design phase with this one.

We have a lot more games in the concept phases, but as they have not been designated project codenames yet they’re not listed. They’ll be added to this list as their status changes or we designate them codenames.

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