Missed the boat?

Missed the boat and feeling left out in the cold? If you missed the chance to donate to our Indiegogo campaign, you can still give via PayPal.

So, we didn’t quite make our goal on Indiegogo, but that’s not deterred us. We’ve already got Secret Codename Project Helix in alpha playtesting and we’re hard at work processing the Indiegogo fulfilments.

We know that there are at least a few people out there who wanted to give but didn’t quite have the funds yet, or would have liked to have given more but couldn’t at the time. We understand this and didn’t want to exclude anyone from having the opportunity to do so.

We’ve added a Donate button (which you should see to the right of this post) to our page. With this you can still contribute to our startup, even if you missed the chance in June.

Why should I donate?

Good question. We can’t promise to provide you with the same Perks we did on Indiegogo, but we can, at the very least, credit you as a funder along with those that did. If you contribute enough that we find impressive, we might well try to work out some kind of thank you gift.

Starting up a company is difficult. Both Nimrod and Linda work freelance, but focussing on the company is a difficult job that doesn’t reap any rewards for a long while. We’re riding on zero income as we work on products and somehow have to pay the bills and put food on the table. Add to that the cost of materials to make prototypes, travel to conventions to get our name out there, etc. It all adds up and this was the purpose of the original campaign. By falling short of our goal, we have to seek out clients for our other freelance work that ultimately postpones us working on Talking Skull projects. We’re just two people with a baby, so only one of us can work at a time until our little girl is older or is with her grandparents.

Even small donations are welcome. Every little helps.

But you’re a business, why give charity?

Absolutely right! Which is why we’ll take down the Donate button as soon as we start to see returns on our hard work. This is purely there for people who really want to help us get off the ground. We know that some of you are happy just to give without asking for anything in return for the sake of seeing a small family-run business get off the ground. This is for you!

Meanwhile, we’re also working towards getting a shop for SheBlackDragon‘s art. If you’d rather support us by purchasing goods, then feel free to wait for that to go live (no timeline yet on when that will roll out).

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