Post-Fundraising Roundup

Our Indiegogo startup fundraiser is over!

Firstly, we’d like to thank everyone who gave us money. You’re awesome and what you’ve given will be a great help to us as we get our company up to speed. This will go towards us getting materials for creating prototypes, having the time to work on playtesting, developing the art and rules and making the games possible in the first place. We already have “Secret Codename Project Helix” (secret codenamed project name) in playtesting and have received good first reactions. As soon as possible, we’ll move into developing the art and pricing up the costs in preparation for our project-specific funding hopefully later in the year. Meanwhile, watch out for our Faustus Kickstarter in partnership with Chronicle City in a few months.

Over the next couple of weeks (and while Indiegogo process payments), we’ll be contacting our contributors and getting together the Perks that we can. Obviously, Perks including a copy of Faustus will be incomplete until the game is actually released, but we’ll be putting together the information and making sure we’ve got a nice clean off-line copy of everyone’s details.

Unfortunately, as you’re probably aware, we didn’t quite make our goal. Since we opted for the Flexible Funding on Indiegogo, while the fees are somewhat higher, we do get the money donated regardless. However, not having the full amount does mean that we might not be able to give our projects quite the attention we’d have hoped. This isn’t going to deter us, oh no! As you’ve already seen above, we’ve still got a solid timeline of work going and we’ll be rolling out lots more over the following months.

We know that some people really wanted to donate but missed the boat due to shortfalls that wouldn’t be resolved until after the Indiegogo deadline. We’ll soon be adding the option for you to give on-roller funding via PayPal. You may have missed out on the Indiegogo Perks, but if you donate enough we can probably work out a suitable “Thank You!” gift. We’ll announce it on our Facebook page, but if you’re not on Facebook just keep visiting our website.

We’ll keep adding improvements to the site over the month, also, and adding more features to help keep you informed and up to date. Watch this space!

Meanwhile, here’s a random picture of a monkey!

Random monkey picture is random

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