We’re very excited working towards the launch of Faustus, the brand new card game by Nimrod Jones, due to be published through our print partner, Chronicle City, later in the year. We’re aiming for the game to be out by October, so watch this space!

There are so many cool games in the works here at Talking Skull HQ! The darkly occult tactical card game, Faustus, is only the beginning: we have a light-hearted, fun family card game, a Euro-style game of social dynamics and an epic deck building game that’s blow you away! And that’s just for starters…

In June 2012, we ran a fundraiser on Indiegogo to get some start up for the business. We didn’t quite make our goal, but all of the funds helped us. If you missed the boat and want to just donate some money to help us while we’re still getting on our feet, we’ve added a donate button so you can give money via PayPal (read why).

Talking Skull & The Year of the Snake

The Year of the Snake

As we enter the Chinese Year of the Snake, we take a look at what the coming year has in store for us: what exciting projects we have in development and our aspirations this year. Progress has been slower than we would have liked on Faustus. We were hoping to have released it by now, …

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Missed the boat?

Missed the boat and feeling left out in the cold? If you missed the chance to donate to our Indiegogo campaign, you can still give via PayPal. So, we didn’t quite make our goal on Indiegogo, but that’s not deterred us. We’ve already got Secret Codename Project Helix in alpha playtesting and we’re hard at …

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Post-Fundraising Roundup

Our Indiegogo startup fundraiser is over! Firstly, we’d like to thank everyone who gave us money. You’re awesome and what you’ve given will be a great help to us as we get our company up to speed. This will go towards us getting materials for creating prototypes, having the time to work on playtesting, developing …

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The Road to Faustus

Faustus was a long time in the making. The game’s creator, Nimrod Jones, talks a little about the process involved in making it from its conception through the various decks and playtesting. It all began back in 2008 in Leicester at Continuum. Not only did I get to meet Sandy Petersen, the man behind Chaosium’s …

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