The Year of the Snake

Talking Skull & The Year of the SnakeAs we enter the Chinese Year of the Snake, we take a look at what the coming year has in store for us: what exciting projects we have in development and our aspirations this year.

Progress has been slower than we would have liked on Faustus. We were hoping to have released it by now, but we held off to wait for Kickstarter to launch in the UK and we’re now waiting for quotes and to get our campaign organised, but we’re absolutely looking forward to getting this off the ground and out there.

Hot off the heels of Faustus, we have so many other games in development. SCP Helix
has been in playtest for a while and as soon as the Faustus Kickstarter is started, we’ll be looking towards gearing up for this one.

A surprise project for us was SCP MUP, which has rocketed to the top of our schedule, despite having only been conceived back in November. Progress on this delightful game has been quick and we’re looking to get this into playtesting very soon!

SCP Chestnut has been in development for a while, but is nearing the end. We’re looking to get this into playtesting soon, but we’re very confident that much of the game is solid.

These two games feel very promising, and by the end of the year we’re hoping they might be ready to start finalising. It really comes down to how fast we can get the preliminary art and layout down. At the same time, we don’t want to rush them – so these games won’t come out until we’re totally happy with them. But, between you and me, we’re very confident.

There are a bunch of other games we’ve got on the back-burner that haven’t entered the codename stage yet, though some are closer than others. The tentatively codenamed SCP 2501 we’re very excited about is quite a big (and probably expensive) game, but we’ll be wanting to do a lot of playtesting on that!

Linda has been very hard at work these past few months on an exciting new endeavour with the SheBlackDragon brand name, which has had the one consequence of temporarily putting development on hold, but has the potential of giving us way more time to work on things in the future. It’s very exciting and we’ll be sharing that with you within a month or so.

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    Any news? This article seems to be quite old. How has things been going last years and where can I find updated information on new and upcoming games?

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